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Out of the box software won't give you out of the box solutions.

4D Implementation and Total Process Visibility

Introducing the 4D Implementation Methodology - and TPV

Compare a finely tailored suit to one “off the rack” and you begin to see the inherent value in the CMMS / EAM configuration process developed by Global Wide Maintenance. We call it the 4D Implementation Methdology. Think of it like this:

Global Wide Maintenance is the tailor, our client wears the suit, and 4D is our tool for crafting the desired qualities of that "perfect" suit...

If haven't figured it out yet....the "suit" is your entire maintenance process, including as the core tool, your EAM / CMMS software system.

Learn more about 4D Implementation and Total Process Visibility

Similar to the way in which the tailored suit fits the subtle lines of a person's unique shape, the 4D Implementation Methodology produces a EAM / CMMS software system that fits snugly with your maintenance processes and company culture. Compare this to the tailored, customized suit providing the perfect blend of function and style to its suitor, just firm enough to remain pleasing to the eye, yet providing the room for flexibility in areas needing occasional variation.

To solve problems and improve total performance of your maintenance process, we take you beyond standard software, using an approach that delivers a business process improvement relating to your industry and yields information specific to your company. We call the entire process CMMS4you, and 4D Implementation is the core element within that process. Each stage leads us closer to optimizing and maximizing your maintenance process efficiency.

Once all cylinders are clicking, with 4D and CMMS4you intact, our clients realize they have developed their maintenance business into something more. Now they have achieved Total Process Visibility (TPV). With TPV, no process will be left behind. And finally (or once again) you are in complete control of your maintenance business.

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