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The Highest Level of Maintenance Excellence

Equipment Reliability success can mean world class maintenance excellence.

Equipment Reliability - When you can't afford to be down...ever

Not for the faint of heart - Equipment and Systems Reliability means to be one of "the Best"

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
can be basically described as a methodology used to determine the appropriate maintenance level required to allow the equipment to continue to perform reliably under its present operating requirements. It does this by answering these seven basic questions in this order (for each piece of equipment):

  1. What are the current function and performance standards
  2. How does it fail to fulfill these functions and standards
  3. What are the causes of each functional failure
  4. What happens when each failure occurs
  5. How does each failure matter
  6. How do you predict or prevent each failure
  7. What if you can’t predict or prevent a failure

Reliability Centered Maintenance requires the accumulation of data that is used to answer the above questions, so in effect it takes time to see any results. This need for time often causes management to lose interest and look for short cuts, both of which will defeat the program. Also, it requires a considerable investment of time and money to train staff to use the methodology. Once these hurdles are eliminated, results can be significant.

Success Story: One plant was on the cusp of replacing a collection of 1000hp chemical pumps because of unacceptable failure rates. The requisition had even been approved. The plant decided to put it through the rigor of RCM, and found that the problem was how they were maintaining it. After the modified maintenance procedures were acted on, the problem cleared itself.

RCM takes input from all interested parties, does a formal analysis that leads to courses of action that modify the existing planned, predictive, breakdown and jurisdictional maintenance programs so that overall, the plant's maintenance performance improves.

Our team at Global Wide Maintenance includes Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (CMRP) who are fully versed in the procedures required to achieve the maximum performance your equipment assets are able to reach.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

For those who have taken the time to implement TPM strategies, their efforts have been well rewarded.

TPM focuses on equipment and involves everyone in the organization, from top management to the operators on the shop floor. It is an ongoing co-operative effort in which everyone wins.

TPM is an educational program that teaches everyone an ongoing standard that makes continual improvement in every area of the organization. It results in a safe work place in which staff members can enthusiastically take personal pride. The objective is to eliminate waste such as: employee time, employee injury and illness, material waste and loss, delayed production schedules, and poor quality control. Unhappy clients, become a thing of the past.

You may be convinced that you have already achieved an acceptable standard. Have you ever stood back and taken a critical view of your shop floor or your offices, visualizing them through another person's eyes? The chances are you know there are trouble spots. How to deal with them may be perceived to be a challenge.

Our TPM Certified Experts will visit you on-site. They will show you where and how you can proceed to improve performance and productivity in an organized manner. As TPM is an ongoing process, it is a well-placed, value-added program with large rewards for your organization.


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