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Inventory Management is the key "part" to maintenance happiness.

Ever have a machine break down and the parts weren't available?

Inventory (Stores) Management - Organizational and Improvement Services

Everything Has a Place, Every Place Has a Name

Also known as Stores Management, it's certainly not rocket science, however, diligence and discipline are essential in order to keep that stock room process up to date and efficient year round. The potential for an attractive ROI and for that OCD in all of us, it is still possible to get your happiness back.

Stores Management can make the difference between continual on-time production and failure to produce on time. There is nothing more frustrating when a piece of equipment fails and the needed part cannot be found. Control of spare parts is critical to the overall function of the maintenance management program.

Organization of the storeroom is of utmost importance. This includes deciding where the stores should be located. Ideally, it should be centralized location, with additional satellite locations close to where the equipment is, in order to assure prompt retrieval of needed parts and to maintain the productivity of maintenance personnel.

Using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS or EAM) to track and log your materials / parts / inventory also complements the maintenance efforts, also tracked by CMMS or EAM. Thus you can bring it all together using a single software platform. In the long run, this utilization of CMMS or EAM proves itself to be cost effective as well as a valuable tool to the overall operation.

Global Wide Maintenance consultants have established many successful Stores, by using the latest in best practices for stores, which has proven itself to be of great value to our clients.


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