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Maintenance Assessment - One, Five or Sixty Days

We roll up our sleeves and work alongside your team.

5 – Day Assessment
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Global Wide Maintenance works with you to define the key business process to be assessed. Once the processes have been defined, a questionnaire is then handed out to be filled in by all parties. Global Wide Maintenance will deploy consultants with expertise in each of the key business processes to work closely with client personnel from maintenance, stores, plant operations, purchasing, IT, and payables.  The purpose is to evaluate and improve the key processes defined using internal and external “best practices” to create an improved maintenance strategy.  To launch the assessment a kickoff meeting is held with all key personnel.  The questionnaire results combined with the assessment work will form a benchmark of where the Maintenance operation sits against Best Practices.

25 – Day Assessment
The assessment is broken into two phases. The core foundation of sound maintenance management is an effective PM Program. Global Wide Maintenance works with the client team to first assess the effectiveness of the PM program. The PMs are reviewed against manufacturer specifications and governmental regulations to determine compliance.  Global Wide Maintenance deploys consultants to analyze the execution of the PM and the process used. The second phase is to conduct the five day assessment as described above and then work with the client in designing a maintenance strategy suitable for the business environment of the client.

60 – Day Assessment
The most comprehensive and collaborative assessment available. A strategy element is added and PM effectivenes is actually measured against expected results using machine specifications. We take a sample size and walk the PM process with multiple technicians for a complete analysis to include human variations by task.

In general , our evaluation addresses the following areas or be modified to better suit client requirements;

  1. Management Structure
  2. Goals and KPIs
  3. Assets
  4. Inventory and Stores
  5. Initiation and Authorization of Work
  6. Skills and Training
  7. Technology
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