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EAM / CMMS Data is rich with ROI charts and graphs.

This is where the money you spend in maintenance is justified

Maintenance Reporting Resources - Maintenance Business Intelligence

Achieve Total Process Visibility (TPV)

Yes it is possible to reach world class status. Remember "No Process Left Behind" is the key to maintaining visiblity and control over your entire maintenance process. Keep your eyes on the prize using these quality Maintenance Process Business Intelligence resources.

Often organizations will implement a work order (CMMS) system with no clear vision in mind. The goals and objectives are not well understood and the ability to measure is compromised. To effectively guide clients in maintenance management, Global Wide Maintenance assists in establishing a vision including clear measures and targets. This vision then forms the basis for work order systems and the data it needs to collect to monitor performance against targets. It is agreed throughout your business that not achieving these targets is not considered a failure. Instead, understanding why the target has not been met is critical to making the necessary adjustments to allow for realistic targets to be met. Wit h this baseline established, the next level of continuous improvement is then possible.

Global Wide Maintenance understands the protocols necessary to implement a successful maintenance strategy and to train key personnel so that performance and reports are accurate and reliable.

Below are examples of the business intelligence products available for measuring maintenance performance, as related to popular CMMS and EAM software brands.

    Business Intelligence Products Example Maintenance Platforms
    Crystal Reports® Infor EAM MP2®
    OBIEE Oracle eAM®
    Cognos® Infor EAM®
    Actuate®, BIRT® IBM Maximo®

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