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Maintenance software system support you can bank on: TimeBank

Most CMMS software vendors provide what can be defined as "application" support. In those cases, a client is provided with software upgrades, patches, and a limited amount of guidance by telephone, email or FAQ's on a web site.

Recognizing that a client with expectations for success will be relying on a system expert for their particular brand of CMMS, Global Wide Maintenance offers an effective approach toward providing that support to our clients. We call it "TimeBank", and our most successful clients utilize both the "application support" from their CMMS vendor, in addition to our "system support", or TimeBank offering, as a means to running an efficient CMMS system in conjunction with their daily maintenance operations.

TimeBank saves you time and money by reserving support resources for your maintenance software and related systems in advance. TimeBank allows you the flexibility to quickly address for example: system issues, proof of concept for new projects, or to rapidly identify and resolve items using either a shared desktop to your system’s maintenance software environment or by compiling and scheduling a targeted on-site project to fix the support and training projects that become identified over time.

With TimeBank, you get a wide range of services, including
expert response to CMMS support requirements such as:

  • Custom report writing
  • CMMS data evaluation
  • Explore new features within your CMMS system
  • Find solutions to chronic CMMS problems that are blocking your progress
  • CMMS Application configuration services
  • New user training

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