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Integrate your EAM / CMMS platform with other Business Systems


Where to Start? Imagine your EAM / CMMS tied to your Financial System

Imagine the Inventory needed for your maintenance process drops below your defined threshold, then is automatically re-ordered starting with your CMMS or EAM software. That purchase passes from CMMS to your company Financial Software electornically, and is routed from there to either your company purchasing agent, or even better, directly to the vendor electronically.

By integrating your systems, there are obvious gains in efficiency and substantial cost savings. Reduce the silos in your process, along with double data entry, multiple data touches, time delays, system mis-matches and needless busy work by electronically integrating your business systems with EAM / CMMS.

Our team of integration specialists will team up with your business system experts to design and configure integrations between systems. Here are some examples related to CMMS and EAM software:

    Example Maintenance Platforms Business Platforms
    Infor EAM MP2®

SAP Financials

    Oracle eAM® Oracle Financials
    Infor EAM® GIS
    IBM Maximo® JD Edwards ERP
      Great Plains

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