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Infor EAM® Training
Flexible and affordable choices for Infor EAM® training: Classroom, On-Line, or On-Site. We don't send trainers, but rather, you learn from an EAM® Specialist who will work with your team to not only understand the software functionality, but also marry your business process into what you are learning to be sure that neither the software nor out-dated processes will keep you stuck in old habits. The idea here is to learn software and use that to help drive improvements in process.

Infor EAM® Implementation

Our Infor EAM® Specialists will work with your team to develop a tailored implementation plan, incorporating maintenance process best practices and standardized project management principles to keep every step on scope, budget and time. We have developed a solid approach based on proven project management standards called the 4D Methodology®. We use this tool as a baseline roadmap to ensure that a structured, methodical approach is used throughout a process that is inherently unique to each Client. By incorporating the time-tested 4D methodology to every implementation project, we bring the level of experience and project management standards to your project that you should expect.

Mobile Infor EAM®

Upgrade Infor EAM® to the latest version

Infor EAM® System Improvements

We help you develop a plan to improve the efficiency and usefulness of your existing Infor EAM® system. This deliverable is achieved by evaluating the current Infor EAM® system (and Maintenance Business Processes), documenting the desired state for the same system and processes, then designing the configurations needed to drive those improvements into the Infor EAM® system and reporting.

An Infor EAM® system improvement project is unique to your business, and many elements will vary depending on your specific infrastructure, processes and culture. However, the end result is always the same: An improved Infor EAM® system and processes that support higher efficiencies and cost savings that affect your bottom line.

Infor EAM® System Support

We offer a simple approach to Infor EAM® System support that works in conjunction with the standard Infor EAM® application support you may have with Infor. Different than "Application Support" (offered by Infor), our "System" support is called TimeBank®.

You simply purchase a block of hours and keep them in the bank until you need them. Once you find that an issue is not covered by Infor application support (such as a quick training session or configuration issues that have been caused by your internal network or user community), then you simply log a Case in your TimeBank® account. We will create a Case and assign a technician to help you, even if that means we need to log into your system remotely to find the cure.

Our most successful Infor EAM® clients utilize both the "application support" from Infor (for patches and free version upgrades), and additionally they subscribe to our "system support" to handle all those other support items that are not really a full project, but require external Infor EAM® expertise nonetheless. The majority of our support work is performed remotely using a secure connection to your environment, and Cases are managed by our professional Infor EAM® support team.

Infor EAM® Software Licensing

We put you in touch with our friends at Infor to provide pricing. We will help make your experience seamless and simple. With Global Wide Maintenance, you will have a single point of contact to triage all of your transactions, whether that would be licensing, services, or support.

Infor EAM® Report Development

Accelerate your Infor EAM® reporting capabilities by utilizing a Infor EAM® reporting specialist. Additionally, we can train somebody within your organization to be your Infor EAM® reporting specialist. We currently offer services for Cognos® and Crystal Reports® reporting tools.

Integrate Infor EAM® to other systems

In today's connected world, interoperability requires the integration of multiple business systems internally within organizations, as well as externally with those of partners and customers.

The Infor EAM® Databridge enables your organization to continue to improve your asset and service management business processes with Infor EAM® by providing connectivity features and support required in making Infor EAM® one of your strategic systems. Infor EAM Databridge® is a low-cost, easy and reliable solution for using Infor EAM® as one of the key enterprise applications on which an organization runs its core business operations. The Infor EAM Databridge® allows Infor EAM to be used as a best-in-class asset and service management solution in tight combination with key enterprise systems.

We work in conjunction with your project team to design, configure, and connect your business applications using Infor EAM Databridge®.






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