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  Oracle eAM® CMMS Training  

Oracle eAM® training choices

We offer either a Structured or Customized Agenda to meet your business requirements.

Training is held either onsite at your work place or online at your computer with our live instructor

Download Pricing for Oracle eAM Training

Structured Oracle eAM® Training Classes

"Structured" Oracle eAM® training is provided specific to your business requirements, yet if follows a proven structured approach to maximize material comprehension. Structured agendas are perfect for new Oracle eAM® users or those whom have attempted to learn on their own and and now looking for a guided, structured training experience to master all, or certain areas, within Oracle eAM®.


Oracle eAM® Complete (Download Details)
4 Days - Includes detailed instruction on the maintenance, inventory, and purchasing features of Oracle eAM®. Equipment, Labor, Work Order, Work Requests, Preventive Maintenance, Scheduling, Inventory and Purchasing are covered in detail. Module functionality demonstrations and hands-on exercises give attendees a foundation for complete Oracle eAM® functions.


Oracle eAM® Maintenance (Download Details)
2 Days - Provides detailed instruction on the maintenance features of Oracle eAM®. Equipment, Labor, Work Order, Work Requests, Preventive Maintenance, and Scheduling are covered in detail. Functionality demonstrations and hands-on exercises gvie attendees a foundation for using the Oracle eAM® maintenance functions.


Oracle eAM® Materials (Download Details)
2 Days - Includes detailed instruction of the Inventory and Purchasing in Oracle eAM®. Functional demonstrations and hands-on exercises provide attendees a foundation for using the Oracle eAM® materials functions.


Oracle eAM® Advanced (Download Details)
3 Days -Provides guidance in advancing utilization of Oracle eAM® to improve maintenance operations. Includes advanced topics such as defining and creating metrics and basic reporting to monitor the status of those metrics. Attendees will participate in hands-on sessions for various features in Oracle eAM® used to implement maintenance best practices.


Custom Oracle eAM® Training Classes

"Custom Oracle eAM® Training" means that you are in the driver's seat to determine what training is needed, then an agenda is developed with our guidance. The length of training and subjects covered will vary depending on your requirements. The custom agenda may be appropriate when dealing with an existing Oracle eAM® where only certain areas need to be covered.


Oracle eAM® Basics
2 Hours - On Line -This is an overview of Oracle eAM® navigation, plus basic functions and features of Oracle eAM.


Discover Oracle eAM®
2 Hours - On Line - Review your current Oracle eAM® installation, its challenges, known issues, and areas where you have questions. Sometimes this is all you will need. Other times it helps you develop an agenda with our instructor for the next block, or specific subject above, or customized agenda to meet your specific maintenance processes.


Custom Oracle eAM® Training
Duration Varies - We help you develop an agenda based upon your business requirements, the role(s) of your Oracle eAM® users, and modules within Oracle eAM® needing improvement. Combine elements of the classes above, or define your own areas.

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