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Stay up to date with the latest hands-on training

Maintenance Software focused using Maintenance Processes & Best Practices

Maintenance Software Training with Maintenance Best Practices

Stay up to date with the latest hands-on training for the following specific EAM / CMMS brands or related reporting software:

Infor EAM MP2®
Oracle eAM®
Infor EAM® (formerly Enterprise Edition® or Datastream 7i®)
Crystal Reports®
Other leading CMMS / EAM Software Brands

The decision to hold training on-site versus online can be driven by different variables (budget, available scheduling time, skill levels in house, etc). Our clients find the best format for training is an on-site class uninterrupted for the duration of the training agenda. A second option is online training, where the budget is lower and flexibility in scheduling is much greater. Our onsite engagements are hands-on and both types of training we offer (onsite or online) are interactive utilizing a live instructor with experience in the maintenance industry and experts on the subject software.

Regardless of the training class format, our trainers will also incorporate the relationship of the CMMS or EAM software training, to the corresponding maintenance processes that can be improved or optimized using the CMMS or EAM software.

Whether you run MP2®, Maximo®, Infor EAM®, Oracle eAM®, or another major brand, we provide a quality maintenance software consultant to address and guide your CMMS or EAM software users (by role) using hands-on exercises so that your team can learn the CMMS / EAM system at the same time as learning or refreshing their knowledge of your company-specific maintenance work management, materials management, maintenance reporting, security, administration and much more.

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